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Monday, June 25, 2012

Vanpool Opportunities!

Here are the most current Vanpool Opportunities available:

  • Vanpool originates in Bothell
  • Van currently stops at AT&T Wireless and Crane Electronics Inc. on Willows Road but is willing to stop at another Willow’s Road locationRuns Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  They can add Wednesday if necessary.
  • Work hours for most riders are 7am-4pm  (Crane Electronics Inc. works 4 9’s and every other Friday off)
  • If there is interest, please ask them to contact Pam Osborn directly at pam.osborn@crane-eg.com or Tina Fischer at TF6490@att.com

  • Vanpool originates in Duvall
  • Van currently stops at IDD Aerospace, AT&T Wireless and Astronics and it runs Monday through Thursday. 
  • Work hours for most of the riders are 6:30am-4pm, and they work four 9 hour days and then a half day on Fridays. 
  • If there is any interest, please contact Gina Bergeron directly at gbergeron@astronics.com.

As a reminder, R-TRIP subsidizes $300 for the first 6 Months!

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